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  • Happy Mediamaking @ Cross Videos Days 2014

    Happy Mediamaking @ Cross Videos Days 2014

    These days I am not only a Happy but also an Excited Filmmaker cause I am off to the Cross Video Days in Paris!

    The city of love, light - and fashion: is there a better way to present Catalysta's web docu series DREAM JOB with its first season focussing on Eco Fashion?! DREAM JOB - which I am co-directing - has been invited as one of 59 projects selected for the CVD content market - and I am the lucky girl who gets to attend the conference.

    The Cross Video Days also have a section especially for bloggers to get the latest on topics such as "Learning in the Digital Age" or "Multi-Platform Storytelling serving the audience". Expect some insights into what's happy-making about all this - hint: the immediate connection with the audience, for starters - and the one or the other pic of the Eiffel Tower, just for good measure. See you next week in Paris!