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  • Burning the candle

    Burning the candle

    It's not about sparing myself. As I wrote this last night, I had been up for 22 hours, written work emails from 2:36 to 4:00 AM, then travelled by boat to the next island to sort out some household stuff, returned 12 hours later, got straight to the computer to watch the final cuts of episode 2 and 5 of the docu series I am co-directing - and to receive an email with pretty amazing news related to said series which led to another hour on Skype (hours 21 to 22 of time awake).

    The entire day had been spent on totally exhausting myself to make the combination of both happiness factors - film and life - come to their fullest.

    Of course, I cannot go like that everyday - and I don't. But it just serves as a reminder that the path of the happy filmmaker doesn't mean shying away from the impossible and taking it slow and easy always.

    Sometimes it means allowing the craziness. But you need to know why, you need to know your boundaries - and even more importantly: your priorities, and they need to be balanced.

    What is it you want to achieve and what's important for that? A little priority adjustment can go a long way - and even let you get by on too little sleep. Once in a while. ;-)