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  • The Discipline of Letting Go

    The Discipline of Letting Go

    Just this morning I realised that it is actually quite useful having learned to be stubborn and stick to something: all that discipline of not giving up let's me show up every day for my meditation, for my gratitude, for noticing the things in life that make me happy.

    Since my work belongs to them, it also makes sure I stick to it even at times when the challenges seem a bit overwhelming. There are days when collaborators give up, money doesn't seem to flow, or if it does, it seems hard earned regarding what is required in exchange.

    On those days, the "discipline" of choice is self-love. Instead of resenting and going all sour, go out and count the daisies. For five minutes. Breath. Drink a cup of your favourite tea or coffee. Get some sun or some air. Take a photo of what makes you happy. (Or a little video on your phone.) Dance in your cubicle or in the bathroom. Write out what you are grateful for. 

    And make sure you are disciplined enough to practice that every day. The more you do, the less "discipline" is required. Promised. 

    Buena suerte!

    PS: and should you have clear skies tonight and still be at work after dark, give yourself a break and look at the sky to see whether you can see some of the Eta-Aquarides meteorites. Apparently they are having a party up there today which looks from down here like shooting stars. Time to act on a wish.