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    What is the first thing that comes to mind when I ask you to describe a typical filmmaker? What is the work environment you picture?

    All too often, there will be ideas of selfish and authoritarian producers, manipulative directors, "difficult" actors and snobbish and cynical technical crew only waiting to see any of the big wigs fall.

    While this is fuelled by some - admittedly entertaining - satires about the "business" from within the business (off the top of my head I can think of "State and Main", written and directed by David Mamet who I suspect likes a good story about intrigue and betrayal), there seem to be a great lot of people working within the industry who are anything but back-biting monsters.

    In fact, those people I am thinking of are in it for love - they do what they do with a passion - because if they did it for the sure paycheck or the riches to be earned, they would be working another job. They also do it for the people they want to work with, and the art they want to bring about. They love filmmaking and they want to be happy doing it.

    I am one of these people. And I know a whole lot of others who would whole-heartedly agree.

    It doesn't always work out well and happy - which is partly due to the crazy hours worked, the tight finances, the "fear" of the audience and its supposed whimsical taste. And some of those filmmakers who seek happiness at some stage quit the industry and open up a B&B or become a yoga teacher. While I love B&Bs and always enjoy the company of yoga teachers, the greatest love of my life (well, one of them ;-)) is filmmaking, creating images, especially the moving one. 

    But I also decided to live my life happily. 

    So this blog is to explore the ways in which you (and I) can combine the two. Because, as one of the most inspiring people I know rightly says: what you think, you become. 

    Films can inspire, filmmakers can inspire - and they also need inspiration to keep going. 

    Instead of bemoaning the state of the industry, here is to a collection of thoughts, ideas, programs and resources for the Happy Filmmaker - to keep you fuelled with your passion and let you work that passion in ways that benefit yourself, your environment and "the industry" alike. 

    It is a random collection of the things I find on my path to be helpful, and I hope you enjoy it and will find inspiration, too.

    Keep creating tiny miracles of moving images on screen!


    Sibylle x